Sunday, November 15, 2009


So this afternoon we headed out to the sledding/ski hill on post and meet up with Angie, Deanna, and Damien to have some fun in the snow.
William made it up the hill first and by the time I got Steven and I up the first time he was right behind us getting ready for a second run lol
I wish the strings on the sleds acutally helped you stir but no such luck but we still had a blast.
Steven was ready to go down
I made the munchin walk up the hill because I just couldn't drag him up the hill on the sled
Will catching some air on his sled, he quickly figured out if you lay down on sled you go way faster..... aswell as cutting down on the amount of snow that flies up in your face
Damien and Deanna running to go again after going down fast than I thought to kids under 5 yrs old could go lol
After an hour in the single digit degree weather Steven had, had enough and it was time to go home and get some coco.
I figured I wore the kids out I need to wear out the dog too. So we headed over to the big park and just happend to catch some our neighbors over there with their dogs too. So the dogs got a impromptu doggie playdate in .
Here Courtney is making the dogs all sit and focus before throwing the ball for them (Cesar Milan would be so proud lol)
Don't they look good
(r-l Thor, Marley, Papi, and Lexy)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More fun in the snow

So it tried to snow all day and then all of a sudden it was like a mini blizzard outside.
Then just as fast it was clear again. Thank goodness William is big/old enough now to actaully help with the shoveling.
After we got done with the drive and side walk it was time for some fun.
So we made some snowangels!!!
So didn't think Steven was going to get into making snowangels and of course he surprised me and really enjoyed it lol.

I couldn't get out of making one too lol
After snowangels we tried out Ms. Alisons snow brick mold and started making a fort on our side of the street. Got up to three layers. Got to wait for some more snow and will build it up more.
Evan and William started another fort across the street so we can have snowball fights at some point.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The moose is back

So the moose came back this morning and hit up the neighbor on our other side and ate 2 pumpkin and left one for breakfast tomorrow lol.


And just think it is only mid November ugh.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Very Eventful Snow Day

So we woke up this morning to about 4 inches of snow yeah!!!
Along with the snow comes and extra 10-15 mins in get out the door for school routine in the morning since we have to get all our snow gear on.
So mom we got my boots and snow pants what???
The boys 1/2 way ready to get out in the about 21 degree weather
trying to get everybody together for a Family Snow Pic didn't quite workout lol
After dropping William off at school I headed out to get him some new snowboots since his where too small which we discovered this morning when he was putting the old ones on for school ugh. But I got to see this great view on my way back tot he school.
Thankfully my neighbors trust me on their 4 wheeler cause getting the snow plowed is sooo much easier and way more fun than shoveling it lol.
The dogs had a blast and look at that sidewalk doesn't it look nice and clean.
Well I meant to get some pictures of the boys sledding but left the memory stick at home so scratch that. On our way back to the house this is what we found two doors down from us. My neighbor Caitlin had the best view and Baby Natalie was very focused on Ms. Moose.
The moose was actually eating my neighbors pumpkin off their porch. Steven thougth it was pretty neat too.
The moose was so occupied that we where able to get some great picts.
The plow went by 3 times and never bothered the moose but the snow removal truck did it and she was out of here lol.


Yeah we have been waiting for the snow to start since about mid October and it is finally here!!!!! So glad I got the Christmas Lights up this week (which is normal for Alaska to have them up just after Halloween).
Can't really tell in this pic but there are lights in the windows too.
She was still so little the last time she saw snow she was kinda just checking it out at first.
Bring it on Alaska I am ready!!!!
Took Marley all of 3 mins to remember she loves the snow we spent about an hour out in the dark playing fetch, run around like a crazy puppy and rooting around in the snow lol.

Can't wait to get the boys out in the snow tomorrow and to see their reaction in the morning!!!!
We already have about an inch and still coming on strong.
Will also be testing my skills with the neighbors 4 wheeler with a plow on the front to shoveling the driveways on our end of the block and then the sidewalk for most of the street.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

So I had to get some pics of the boys before we suited up to go out Trick of Treating.
So William was a Ninja
And Steven was a not so excited Elmo lol
So you could barely make out what the boys where once they got suited up to go Trick or treating in 30 Degree weather. But I was so proud of Steven the lil squirk actually walked the whole time, so apparently candy is a great motivator lol.
Me headed out with the boys
Ending our evening of Trick or treating at our friends Caitlin and Pauls house.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Davids Kayaking Trip

So David kinda fell into a great Kayaking trip on the day before he was headed back after R&R. He went with a couple of our neighbors and had a blast and for David to come home and say he and I would have to go out next summer and do it together you know he had to have liked it.
One of the many waterfalls he saw
Left to right Ken and Jason in the front Kayak, then their guide following behind
Another one of Ken and Jason
The went up a creek outlet and wondered around some
Jason checking it out
While stopped for lunch taking sometime for some pictures to make the wifey happy lol

After almost 5 hours out they headed back