Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Day in Alaska!!!

This morning it was absolutely beautiful so we decided to walk to school.

After dropping William off at school Steven and I continued to walk to the family zone for one of my Toning Classes. Before class got started Steven decided to get is workout into. First with the tension bands ....
then using the BOSU (both sides up) ball
Once we walked back to the house to get the dogs to go get them a walk into we got ready to leave and where else but Alaska could you see a bald eagle flying around while standing in your driveway it was so cool.
After wearing out the girls (dogs) Steven and I went over to the park to have a picnie lunch and play a lil before naptime.
Just playing around

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Biking & Carnivals

I got Jason from next door to fix my bike for me yesterday and the weather was nice enough today for the boys and I to get out and ride. We decided to go over to the Military Child Month Carnival that was about 2 miles from the house. I was sciptical that William would make it the hole way without complaining. And what did the lil snoot do but totally surprise me and made it the hole way with no complaints and laughing and joke with me all the while!!!!
(Don't I look happy...at this point I was just trying to get everybody loaded and headed out of the house)

thats my bike riding boy

Steven taking it easy sitting back chilling in the bike trailer

Once we got to the Carnival William climbed up in the Firetruck on display and had a blast looking at all the buttons

Steven had a great time playing on the lil kids bouncy course

A great action shot of William in the Big Kids bouncer

Blow baby blow and he still didn't get any bubbles made lol

After Steven got freaked out by I am not sure if it was the D.A.R.E. Lion costume person, Macruph the Dog, Sparky the Firedog or Macruphs side kick. But he really does not like the costume people so we headed over to the shopette for Subway and I noticed while we where eating that the Barber was not busy so they boys went ahead and got haircuts.

Steven's before (I didn't realize how tired he looked lol) but he was acting great anyway lucky me lol

Will with crazy hair and for some unknown reason crazy eyes too

Didn't get an after of Steven but you got to love bribery here. He doesn't even mind the hair that gets on the lollipop ewwwww. Had to rinse it in the sink before we left.Will after he got his ears lowered. It make a world of difference

Well after we got done with haircuts we headed the 2 miles back to the house. By the time we got home Steven was slumped over as far as the 5 point harness would let him with the lollipop barely hanging in his mouth. He was still awake but I am not to sure he was conscious lol.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day to Day life

So life has faded into a pretty normal schedule. We get up get ready for school. Drop Will of at school then Steven and I head to the Family Zone aka the kid frendly Gym. Tues and Thurs mornings is toning class and in the evenings is Spin. Wed night is Zumba aka Dance Cardio which is so much fun you don't even feel like you are working out. After just short of two months of doing this crazy workout schedule I am finally starting to see some results lost a couple inches off my middle and starting to lose on my hips. WOOHOO. The top in the pic below is one I have had for no joke like two years and never could wear out because of my muffin top. When I realized I could fit into it it really made my week!!!! Along with the working out I have signed up for some fun Run/Walks one is a 5k and the other is a 5 mile so I am trying to turn myself into one of those people that enjoys running for any of you that really know me you know that I used to think hey if I can run there I would much rather walk. But I am motivated and going to keep up the training and see if I can become a runner all the same.
(fuzzy pic put you still get the idea)Very boring post but that is what has been going on with us here.

will try to post some random pics later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I may become a Runner yet!!!

So with the beautiful weather that comes after a very cold winter all you want to do is get outside, which has motivated me to start trying to Run. Plus with a bigger dog in the house it is a great way to wear her out lol.

Steven helping mom walk the girls not sure how Meko feels about this but she followed him all the same.
Hey look mom I Run more than I walked two miles worth and I am still happy lol. And feeling great!!

While we were outside we watched the visiting Jets on the Air Force side doing maunevours.
Later in the afternoon we where outside and I helped one of the neighbors with her daughers bike and left the tools out the next thing I knew Steven was adjusting his bike to his prefrences lol.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doc. Appiontments and Playgrounds oh my

I had to get William in for a sports physical due to the upcoming soccer season that he wants to participate in. While we where waiting for the Doc I snapped some pics of my boys.

After the appointment we went by the Artic Chill and the boys played around.
Here Steven is inching his way accross the bridge still not to sure about the way it moves underneath him he he.
William playing Hide and Seek with some of the other kids.

Easter Sunday

Okay so with both of the boys being sick this last week I had no gotten on to post a new blog about Easter. So we started out the day having brunch with BJ and her kids at Denny's. All the kids filled up and then we hit Kohls before the easter egg hunt.Steven and I waiting for the toddler hunt to start
William waiting patiently for the older kids hunt to start.
Go babe go get them eggs!!!
As you can tell Steven was so not impressed with the Easter Bunny.
After the egg hunt and a nap for Steven we headed over to part to play. Will is the king of the playground lol.
He is just so cute sometimes!!
Everybody say cheese.
Steven telling Marley to get down off the play equipment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

WOOHOO 40 Degrees

So it finally hit 40 degrees here today and I never thought that 40 degrees could feel so warm lol.

So what do you do when the weather is no nice, you get out and take the dogs for a walk twice, take the kids out and wear them out playing.
And breakout the grill for the third time since we moved here. Yum the grilled chicken was so good too.
Just a random picture of the girls they where sitting so good I had to get a hardcopy memory of it lol.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its SATURDAY..Lets get out of the House!!!

So we got up and got motivated today. We headed to the Zoo for an Easter Scavenger Hunt. We were ahead of schedule so we headed up to Flattop aka the Anchorage overlook it was as beautiful!!!! You could see for miles and miles. It was a great day for the overlook to it was so crisp and clear.

Will headed to the top of the overlook ahead of Steven and I.
Downtown Anchorage
Elmondorf Air Force Base/the airstrip
The boys with the the view behind them

Looking at the city this was the view behind us if you like nature views Anchorage/ Alaska is definitely the place to be.

Same view with William in it.We made it to the zoo just after it opened. Let the animal tour begin.This baby seal was just as curious about us as we where of him. lol
The otters are so much bigger than you think they would be.
The tigers where huge I think one of there legs was as long as Steven is tall and probably weighed as much as he did.

This wolf kept looking at Steven like he was the appitizer before lunch. And the intensity of the look freaked me out.

Due to the holiday (Easter) the Zoo Keepers filled balloons with berries, apples, juice and water and then froze them. Along with these fruitcicles they hide hard boiled eggs all over the polar bear exibit. It was alot of fun watching the bears sniff out the goodies. And one of the bears really does not like to get in the water in the winter time so it was funny to watch here try to get to the fruitcicles that had been thrown in the water.

Thanks to a fence post we even got a family pic lol.\

After the zoo we where already on the other side of town so I figured we would head out to Balugia Point to see if the whales where around yet. They were not but it was still just nice to look at the view. The climb up the hill was steep but definitely worth the view.

William again headed out with Steven and I bringing up the rear.

At this point Steven had, had enough of the picture taking and was very ready for a nap.

William looking for whales.

Steven tried to.... but was not quite tall enough.

Me and the view

After all the fun stuff I figured I need to do something I had been putting off for awhile.


Due to breakup season ie spring I was not the only one with this on their to do list for the weekend. We waited for about 20-30mins.

WOW the truck really is green under all that mud, dirt, sand and probably some ash from last weekend.

Okay I am pooped and this was the last of the things to do before I chill out the rest of the day!!