Sunday, August 16, 2009

Misc. Alaska stuff

Just some random pics
Steven out at the lake watching the ducks
this mushroom was behind our neighbors house and is huge and the weirdest thing I have seen in awhile
Male moose on the way back home from the PX
I wish I had got video of how slow he was walking accross the road like he owned the place lol

berry pic'n

Okay it berry pic'n time in Alaska and due to bear issues we decided to out with a large crew of people and kids and I brought Marley for good measure.
William, Maddie, and Avery leading the way with some help from Marley
The view from the top of the mountain we where pic'n on it was totally breath taking.
William really got into finding blueberries
Steven really got into sitting in the bushes picking every berry within reach of him till they where all gone and then moved about four feet in any directions and started all over lol
Marley loved running all around the mountian side till she wore herself out and found a tall bush to lay under in the shade.
Steven loved the blueberries and crow berries we picked
Driving back down the mountain there was a great view of Anchorage....
and our house/neighborhood on post

Water fun with Marley

So after giving Marley a couple of baths I realized she has webbed toes and a coat like a lab so I figured we would take her out to the creek and see how she liked the water.
She walked all over the water at the creek and loved it.
Marley's version of going down river lol

After the success at the creek we took her out to the lake. She loved it but still didn't attempt to swim once the water was up to her chest that is as far out as she would go lol. But she still loved the water and chasing the bugs. And watching the couple of ducks that figured out quickly that she was not going to swim out and get them lol.

William Soccer

So William started soccer recently and here are some pics
Steven and I hanging out during a practice
Will and some of his team waiting to take the ball to the goal
Will all decked out for his first game they are the BUMBLE BEES lol