Sunday, March 29, 2009


So yesterday around 6 in the evening we got the warning that Mt. Redoubt had errupted yet again. But unlike all the other erruptions we found out that there was a Ash cloud headed our way and we were going to get some ashfall out of it. So I took the dogs outside to wear them out before the cloud got here and get them a last potty break outside since they would have to use the garage til the ashfall was over. It was very strange you could see the ash cloud coming up the valley. Thank goodness we already had the neccessary supplies ie water and food. I covered up the tvs at bedtime. As well as putting damp towels at the bottom of the doors. It has been a very interesting going thru this volcano thing.

I just thought this was a cool pic. The white of course is the snow under the ash. I thought it would look more like snow falling and it just was not like that. The particals in the air are so fine you don't see them you can smell the sulfur in the air but you don't see it. Then all of a sudden when you look out the window the snow has this weird grey tint to it. All our pretty white perfect snow now looks just gross. Oh well atleast it is Alaska and we should be getting more snow soon lol.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just another Saturday

So we started out the day by going out to breakfast. The boys really enjoyed their smiley face pancakes.
Steven downed his milk and three good sized pancakes. He must be getting ready for another growth spirt.
Okay so I have realized that getting a puppy that is going to be good sized is that I have to puppy proof my house kinda like kiddie proofing a house when you have lil kids lol.
The boys and I went out shopping for a kiddie gate w/ a swing door in it that Will could open. Aswell as being extra tall to keep Marley out as she get bigger we also had to get a extra wide one to fit the doorway. I am so glad a semi handy this thing was kinda pain to install but it is very sturdy and keeps everybody on their side of the gate.
Sorry girls no puppies in the playroom.

Well anyway after that the boys both went down for a nap... Steven because he needed it and William because he was just not feel so great. I took the moment of peace to hang with the dogs or rather Marley outside since Meko is not into the outside lol. It was not so chilly and as you can see sooooo very bright out.She is so pretty!!!

Anybody that has dogs, you know that Kongs are the coolest dog toy out there. If you don't have dogs a Kong is a big hard rubber toy that you put treats into and they dogs have to work hard to get to the treat. Marley really liked hers even if it got all filled with snow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stevens New Ride

So I ordered a new Peg Perego Plinko 3 mid Feb and it finally arrived today. I really like it!!! And we are going to test drive it on the walk to and from school this afternoon. It is the Mode Blue style and didn't think I would really love the black from but it makes it look very boyish.

So Steven woke up from his afternoon nap just as i finished putting it together and of course he wanted to get in it.

Doesn't he look happy and ready to ride out lol.
Side view
I took him out can we say unhappy kid!!!!

So to pacify him I let him push it all over the house.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Puppies and Volcanos Oh my!!

So after a weekend with Marley I am so pleased with my choice of dogs. She is so fun and smart. She pretty much has house training down. Then she got sit and working on down and shake. She does well on the leash and with some pratice will be an ace. We walked to the school to pickup William today and back to the house without any major problems. Marley loves the snow she literally puts her nose in the snow bank up to her eyeballs then runs around like a crazy dog lol. She retrieves when playing fetch about 3x out of 5. What can I say I am loving my second doggy lol.
And now to the pictures....
Such a pretty puppy!!
I promise this blurr really is Marley running all out in the backyard
(notice I am a really good dog owner I dugout a playspace for her and Meko by the way
yes it is as deep as it looks)
Here she ventured out in the deep snow.
She literally puts her face in the snow up to her eyeballs.
What happens when you walk a puppy to school and back then take her in the backyard and run her silly. They pass out and I wish you could hear her snore.

I got a call from David early this morning asking if we where okay. In my fog of sleep I was like of course why wouldn't we be. I then was informed by my husband who is half way around the world that the volcano here had errupted. After getting up and watching the news, I found out that the Mt. Redoubt had errupted not once but five times during the night and spewed ash all over the place. Thank goodness all the ash went north of us so it didn't effect us so much.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Meet the Newest Hagan

So I convinced David that we "needed" another dog. I know we really didn't but I still wanted another one. So I have been looking online and got out today and went to some of the shelters here. Ended up at the Animal Control place and looked at the puppies.

Meet Marley she is 4 mths old and a cutie as you can see she looks like a small German Shepard w/ something else mixed in because her chest is white. So far she is listen pretty good and already gets the concept of sit. She is hyper aware of what Steven is doing which makes me feel good. She likes to play in the snow and chewing on rawhides.

As you can see her paws are not very big and she is and she is only a little taller than Meko and of course somewhat heavier.

This is Meko watching Marley play and she just gave me this Mom what the heck have you done look. lol

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Having Fun

So what do you do in Alaska when it is 1 whole degree above freezing (32 Degrees). You go outside and enjoy the sunshine and so called warm weather. The boys and I got home from picking William up from school and it was just too darn nice to stay inside. So we hauled the bike, three wheeler and push car out. When we go bored w/ all that I got the kids shovels out, still not too sure what they where trying to accomplish but they had fun doing it lol.
Steven is so happy that we found the driveway under the ice.
Will is doing great w/ riding his bike but he is still a little iffy w/ the icy street.
Steven chasing me down on his three wheeler.
They are having so much fun I wish I could teach them how to really shovel the drive and sidewalk lol.

She's so pretty. But I got the okay to start looking for another, bigger dog so her world is soon to be turned upside down. Hopefully she will see this as a plus once she gets used to the idea of a puppy lol.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st Day we see more Sunlight then darkness

Well I heard it offically on the radio this morning today is the first day that we see more Daylight then Darkness. The sun comes up at 6 something and will go down at 810pm. Along w/ that it stays twilight here for about 45 min to a hour. So needless to say I have got dark curtians for both of the boys rooms and we are starting the rule of "I don't care if it is light out go to bed anyway!!!!".

Along with that, Steven and I have started our new schedule of get up take William to school. Go to the community center where there is a playroom/cardio room in one, mom works out for a hour and Steven plays. Then we go over to the padded gym and Steven runs himself wild lol. Head over to the coffe shack (which there is one on every corner no joke). Head home eat a quick lunch and Steven goes down for a nap.... Yeah!!! Then it is about a hour a 1/2 to 2 hours of quict time and off to get Will from school and do the homework and end of the day stuff. Sounds like fun huh.

Oh, well not very interesting but it is what is going on with us lol.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playdate at our House

So Steven and I hosted a street playday at our house. I didn't get any pics of our friends over at the house but here are some from before the get together.Say cheese mom!

Come on Meko I will help you escape over the kiddy gate.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indoor Playgrounds Rock

So first off let me say that the so called "lost" 50" flat screen finally made it back to us...Yeah!!!

Well today we got out and went to see Ms. Julie at the PX where I bought some of her handmade jewelry very nice!!!

After that I took the kids to the indoor playground to wear them out. We all had a blast running around and the boys love climbing on the playset.

Well after we got home I caught Steven taking the nobes off one of the TV stands yet again so the Hagan Household has reinstated the Naughty Set you can see how much we like it at my house lol.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Hanging Out

So this week is Spring Break for William so we spent Monday just hanging around the house. After a very slow morning we needed to get out of the house and it was absolutely beautiful outside so we went outside for a lil bit.

Steven loved having his cars and 3 wheeler out of the house and garage for the first time. And look at all that clean sidewalk (may not mean much to anybody else but I worked very hard on finding that pavement lol).
Didn't get any pics of Will he was busy playing w/ friends down the street.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So this morning when I got up and out of bed I came back to find this lump in my bed. Well after getting up and out the door the boys and I went to the start of the Iditorad Dog Sled Race it was very interesting and fun. The boys enjoyed watching and cheering for the sledders as they went by.We started out in the parking garage where we parked the truck and watched several mushers go by from up there the view was great.
Will waiting for the next musher to go by.

Down at street level a pic w/ both the boys Will is always ready for a pic but Steven is going threw a stage where he doesn't want his picture taken but he wants to see himself on the camera screen go figure?!?

Will taking Steven & I's pic

Me taking Will & I's pic

Will w/ a big bear downtown