Friday, October 23, 2009

Davids Kayaking Trip

So David kinda fell into a great Kayaking trip on the day before he was headed back after R&R. He went with a couple of our neighbors and had a blast and for David to come home and say he and I would have to go out next summer and do it together you know he had to have liked it.
One of the many waterfalls he saw
Left to right Ken and Jason in the front Kayak, then their guide following behind
Another one of Ken and Jason
The went up a creek outlet and wondered around some
Jason checking it out
While stopped for lunch taking sometime for some pictures to make the wifey happy lol

After almost 5 hours out they headed back

Artic Playground

On Davids last full day in Anchorage he went Kyaking* with some of our neighbors. Which left Kate and I on kiddo duty. So we loaded everybody up in her minivan and headed to Arctic Playground.

They had a great time playing dressup....
Steven calling Dad for a rescue from all the girly stuff lol
Thats my lil Pirate Princess lol Which is what he was calling himself
Rachelle the girly girl
Or Rachelle the turtle lol

Some of David's R&R

So we got our pass to go to the gate and pick up David and his flight was delayed just enough to give me time to go a lil crazy of course lol.
But finally his flight landed and oh oh there he was it was so great to finally see him again!!!
The next day we kept William out of school and headed to the Alaska State Fair which was pretty good actually. We started out in the barn and the boys loved checking out the different farm animals. Here Steven is telling Daddy that they are looking at a cow like David had never saw one before lol.
Okay it is a fair you got to get on some rides right!!!!
Steven on his lil kid ride
The boys and I cheesing it up waiting for the lumberjack show to start.
David saving Steven's ears from the loud chainsaws.
The big boys waiting for another ride to get started
Yeah got to love having your favorite gym home asleep in his favortie chair!!!!
David brought some great weather to Alaska with him so we took advantage of it and headed to the lake. We got a canoe and paddled around the lake.

David getting drooled on during a major wrestling match lol.
On the rainiest day of Davids visit we decied to go to the zoo for Moose gone Wild day.
Flying "binkie" during a loll in Will's soccer game.
Out to breakfast just having some fun

Taking David up to the over look of Anchorage during a nice clear day
Headed out to take David to the airport taking one last pic

We are so sorry to see him go but atleast we are half way thru this deployment and on the downhill side of it. So he should be home before we know it.