Friday, February 19, 2010

Homecoming Surprise!!!

So instead of flowers for Valentines Day I got a 4:45 am call from David that he was on his way home 2 flights earlier than expected... I will take that kinda of Valentines Day present anyday!!!
Thank goodness the house was good from having the FRG Ladies over the previous Friday for Bag making. And all the welcome home signs where already made.
So I had to do a quick pick up and hang the signs and we where pretty much ready for for his return.
The sign out front thanks to Buildasign. com which I highly recommend they make the vinyl signs for Military homecomings for free and you only have to pay for shipping which is great!!!

So I figured how many other places would I get a chance to have a snow pile this big enough to spray paint for a Welcome home lol.

There is a great blogger on Facebook for our unit and was there taking pics the night of Davids Welcome Home Ceremony which I am very thankful for since they where able to get some great pics of us as a family.
Oh and there he is and only moments from being in our arms again!!!
Wish this one was bigger it is a great shot of the troops!!

Finally our family is all totherther again!! After the boys got there hugs it was my turn lol.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Single Soldier Goody Bags

So my FRG wanted to do something for our single soldiers and decided goody bags with snacks would be the best thing to do.
So we had some donations of snacks and several donations of money. After a trip to Costco to load up on goodies ($220 worth). We got some volunteers together at my house to make up the bags. We had to make 62 bags. Used doubled up commisary bags. And filled up the bags with sodas, water, monster drinks, chips, granola bars, gum, cookies etc.
We where even able to get the kid in on the action lol they where great lil helpers.
Here is Steven and Hope putting in waters.
Yes we where tripping over each other but the job got done lol
LaShanda, Kerri, Brandyn, and Hope filling up the bags
Today I layed down on the floor just to relax and stretch out my back. This great idea didn't last long as I was attacked by the boys and the dog even got in on the action.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random/Very Late pics

So I was on the ball this year and started bugging David to get me a christmasy pic to put with ours in christmas cards at the beginning of Oct. By the end of Nov. I actually received this pic. Which really turned out great!!
His pic went with this one of the boys, dogs and I in our Christmas cards

Ms. Thea from the gym daycare that Steven absolutely loves here on post doing kiddie yoga you just had to be there to appreciate it lol.
Yes folks that says -15 and it felt even colder than that the moring I took this pic.
Just showing some Wareagle pride lol I am starting him young.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Deployment Ending

So finally we can see the end of this deployment. We are about 2 weeks away from the end. So the boys and I have been working on Welcome Home signs.

I started by painting the above sign for the Battalion then realized I didn't put the specific Company lol minor blonde moment what can I say.
So I made another one with the company on, just after getting it up the gym then informed us that we could not put up our company signs and leave them til all the soldiers are home so this sign got moved to our companies main office instead. But atleast the soldiers will still see it.

So then it was on to the sign for David specifically, this was the first time we had to make signs since David became a warrant and I had a moment where I had no idea what I should put infront of his name, WO1 Hagan, Chief Hagan (which technically he isn't til he get his W2 lol) or what. After some consultation from my mom and a prior military friend I can up with Mr. Hagan.

Then this is the sign the boys are going to hold it says it all lol And yes I have fixed my grammar of you're not your but don't have a new pic of it yet.

Hopefully will have pics of Davids actual homecoing soon!!!!

Been a Slacker

Sorry I have been a slacker lately and not adding pictures will try to do better lol