Friday, June 12, 2009

Drive home from Denali

So driving home the best picture I got of Mt. McKinley was while driving probably not so smart but would you pass up this picture lol
At the north lookout point for McKinley
Will using the telescope to look at the mountian
At the south lookout point we would have gotten pics of the boys but this is what Steven was doing
Another view of the mountain
Kate and her girls

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Denali Day 2

Day 2 we head over to the campsite next door to have some pancakes and sausage cooked on a camp stove it was super yummy!!!
Us waiting for the start of the very popular Denali show lol
Kaitlyn and Steven checking out a Moose Skull
Will playing with a computerized magnifying glass
Us on a neat old wagon
the boys checking out the coolest display
Okay it is so time for lunch pull out the sandwichs
AAAA Yeah mom I am trying to drink here
At the 15 mile turn around point there was this great rock formation
Will and I decided to climb it and left Kate, and her girl and Steven down below at the truck
Kate looking for Dale sheep on the mountain
the view of one side of the valley from the top of the rock formation
the view from the otherside of the valley I can't explain how pretty it was
Down at the river Will and Sydney looking for some cool rocks
Headed back to the campsite
sooner or later I am going to find the train taht goes over this bridge
We went 30 miles round trip into the park and didn't see much wildlife. Then 3 miles from the campsite there was a baby moose and mamma moose eating right on the side of the road
go figure right
these where post all over the campgrounds kinda scary huh
The kids posing by the creek we got to fall asleep listening too
Just beautifulSteven action shot lol

Monday, June 8, 2009

Camping @ Denali Day 1

Following Kristie's RV trailer on the way the mountians where just breaktaking!!!
I wish I could have slept during the 5 hour drive north lol
Leave it to me to find the only construction on this hwy and have to get stopped for it.
Kate stuck behind me
The valley about 30 miles from Denali, it was everything I thought Alaska would like the mountains the flat beautiful valley and the huge river running thru it all.
Once we got there I had to get the tent set up
Not so bad if I do say so myself"Bob" the squirrel trying to sneak into the RV trailer
Yeah the best part of camping making Smores
Will chowing down
Okay so it is midnight and the sun is still out got to get the boys settled down for bed so time for a bedtime story right.
Me settled down for the night
And finally at about a quarter til 2 they fell asleep YEAH
Will doing his one eye opened sleeping which he has down since he was an infant kinda creepy


So on the way to Denali we stopped in Talkeetna this lil town that is just a cute lil place
(nuf said)
the kids posing with one of the many moose statues in town
Kaitlyn and Steven with a moose that is just there size
With a mini tour Plane in front of one of the shops
Kissin a moose
Me helping Steven Kiss the Moose
Just another great place to take a pic

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Picnic @ the park w/ Caitlin and Paul

So another beautiful day in Anchorage lets go have picnic!!!
Paul and Caitlin cheesing it up
umm yeah mom I am eating here
Anytime he can eat is a good time
After running wild, chasing squirrels the girls chilling in the shade
Aren't they cute
yeah the mosquitos are crazy here Will scratching a bug bite
Such a pretty girl
Crazy kid with his new hat