Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nightly Rituals

So in the land of the midnight sun it is 8pm and the sun is still out what do you do let the kids play themselves silly and wear out the dogs.
thank goodness for Ms. Caitlin and her dog Dona or I would never get Marley's puppy hypernise* wornout enough so she would settle down at night.
Meko acting like she was going to play too but she was only fooling.
The girls wrestle....
They run.....
And generally just run themselves ragged!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


So its spring in Alaska and with the warm sunny weather comes outdoor activities like the FRG Softball league. My FRG didn't get it together so I got on with a neighbors team. Never was very good at softball but I am having a blast and actually doing pretty good.
Me lining up for a hit.
Playing short stop
Kate my neighbor running to get the ball
hitting as close to line drive as I get lol
Will is acutally getting pretty good with the camera, he took all of these pics.
Say cheese mom!!!
Our first game is tomorrow night wish us luck!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Another weekend another BBQ in the "Hood" as we are starting to call it lovingly.
So due to the Memorial weekend and talking to some of the neighbor nobody was doing anything so we all got together in my driveway to hangout. As you can see it is a fun party with parents, kids and lots of bikes, trikes or wagons.
Will after chowing down on a hamburger and two hotdogs not to mention lots of the yummy sides that everybody brought got to enjoy Ms. Heathers great layer cake dessert.
Steven could not miss out on the cake either and dug in with both hands while Rachel watched enviously.
Kate cheesing it up for the camera
Kyle helping himself to what was left of the dessert his mom brought.
Even after getting caught he was so proud of himself.
Kylene and Amelia enjoying the party
Katelyn doing her whats up face lol
Ms. Caitlin riding Stevens trike and getting a lil helpful push from Steven. Don't ask me how we got her back up off that thing lol.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun in Alaska

It rained almost all day on Friday but after the rain it was very pretty outside got a great pic of this beautiful rainbow.

Sunday the boys and I went and checked out one of the main biking trails in town. It was fun except for one ginormous hill that was a blast to go down but hauling a bike, bike trailer and a 36lb kids back up that hill was crazy!!!
Stopping in a sunny spot for lunch, and Steven saying enough with the pictures mom gimme my sandwich lol.
After our ride enjoying the scenary
After hanging out at the park I let William take Marley and about two seconds after I took this pic Marley clothed lined William and they landed in a pile in the dirt lol

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Pictures

Will learning how to take a "myspace" picture lol
They really do love each other sometime I forget that lol
I am not sure who is wearing who out but they where both tired by the time we got home.
Me trying to fix a kite for the kiddos to fly
Look at my cutie kid
The boys and I trying out our new swing

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I decided to have a BBQ at my house with most of my street on Saturday. It turned out great as you can see we had a great turn out. I had to take two pictures to get everybody in!!!

Everybody brought their own meat aswell as some sides and I manned the grill. It was alot of fun hanging out with everybody.
Hey am I good or what everybody was out for the BBQ and the ice cream man drove by!!!
My Big Will hanging in the yard having a Rocket Pop while lil Will looks on in envy lol!!
Steven loving his popcicle.
So after everybody got fed and had some dessert. I finally sat down and enjoyed my company and had me a Corona.
All of the kids had a blast playing on every bike, trike or scooter with in a mile radious lol.
I had heard about the Alaska mosquitos before we got here and it was not a lie. They are crazy big and scary. So I ended up having to light several bug candles and hand out the bug spray too.
Steven playing on somebodies trike.