Friday, April 2, 2010

nerf war

So the sun is shining and the road/driveway are clear of snow......
Time for nerf wars
William taking advantage of Dad refilling his bullets lol
Everybody reloaded on bullets and it is on!!!
Okay 20 sec. of fire 10 mins of finding bullets and reloading.
Just gotta love that face

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid March and look at all that snow

Marley so wanted to get into the game but the boys where not having it lol

And really this accident is on a post on a road that the speed limit is 35mph so seriously what the heck must they have been doing lol you just cant be to careful!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anchorage Museum

So trying to catch up on my posts so here we go
We went to the Anchorage Museum and really like the Alaska side of it, Here is a neat Totem Pole

Here are the boys except William looking at it up close
But the main reason we went to the Museum was to checkout a a traveling exhibit....
there where costumes from actual movies, and lots of the models of the different ships.
(alot of my pictures didn't turn out very well since I was trying to figure out my new camera)

Steven had brought along a mini Darth Vador and held it up when we saw the life size one!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring only 2 wks away Yeah Right!!!!

Okay so we went to bed last night expecting about 4 inches of snow and ended up with more like 8-10 inches instead. We also had some very high winds that caused some seriouse snowdrifts.
Here is a pic of Marley on the back porch which is 2 1/2 feet off the ground as is and the snow is now about 2 foot higher than the porch.

Today happens to be trash day hope they actually make it out, here you can see how high the snow berm on the side of the driveway is and it would be worse if David had not leveled the snow berm that had accumulated over the winter a week ago.

As you can see there are two levels to our snow berm not Marleys not a small dog and loves the snow and even she looked like she was ready to go in.

Ugh snow snow everywhere

Newest threat Snow falling off the roof

Thank GOD our doors are raised or we would be in so much trouble.

YAY!!! The snowplows and snow eaters are finally out the only bad thing is the wind is blowing so strong and good portion of the snow is not even making it into the trucks ugh.
This would be a snow removal crew traffic jam and there is another truck I could not get a picture of lol.
We love our snow removal crew they are the best!!! May actually be able to get out of the neighborhood by the end of the day.

Random since David came home

Okay so my wonderful husband came home and by the endof the next day I had this. No really he was tired of me begging for a mommy car. Love my new Tahoe!!!!

As you can see I am not the only one that likes the new SUV lol.

We had a small get together with some of the neighbors which was supposed to be a game nite but turned into a site and chat and shoot the breeze instead still had a great time with our great neighbors. (In this one Kate got a hold of my camera lol)
Just a visual fact that gaming does run in the genes. They where so ingrossed they didn't even notice me take about 4 pics.
Yes David has had this weird blonde growth since he got home we are going to make him a doctors appointment to see if we can get it removed.
Any of you that have actually meet my husband the Good Ole Boy from Alabama should be shocked at this pic of David out not only in the snow, but carrying a snowboard and if you look closely actually smiling and having a good time.
William after coming down the hill, and that snowboarder in the back right corner on their butt is David.
So my two big boys had such a good time snowboarding we have since gone out and spend around $500-$600 to get them both decked our with boards, bindings, boots and helmet for William. Pluse what we had to get for David in snowgear alone since he didn't even have snowpants yet.
So hopefully will have some better pics of snowboarding outtings soon. All I had on this day was my Iphone just didn't do the moments justice.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iditarod 2010

Still so hard for me to believe we have already been here over a year but another sign of that is that it is time for the Iditarod again!!
So we headed downtown to watch the start of the race and found a great spot before the start line to watch the dog sled teams go by.
David took a min. to adjust his head gear and Williams head made for a good spot to hold everything til David was ready for it again lol
Dad, Dad look look the dogs the dogs go by really Dad are you looking do you see them????
Met up with our friends Caitlin, Paul and lil Natalie... I swear Natalie is in there somewhere!!!
So the Iditarod brings dog sled teams from all around the world to Anchorage for this race. This team is from Scoutland and YES they are wearing kelts wow. It was really cold out there I was shocked when I saw this team. There is also a team from Jamacia of all places lol.
The team from Scotland also had there bagpipes band. It was great to see!!
To anybody that thinks this race is abusive to the dogs you should see how excited they are to run. They really love their lives and their jobs. Back before the start line all you hear is the dogs barking and they have handlers to hold them back til they are ready to start the race!!!
We where parked in a car garage which is a great place to get a birds eye view of the race!!
The boys watching a team go by.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Homecoming Surprise!!!

So instead of flowers for Valentines Day I got a 4:45 am call from David that he was on his way home 2 flights earlier than expected... I will take that kinda of Valentines Day present anyday!!!
Thank goodness the house was good from having the FRG Ladies over the previous Friday for Bag making. And all the welcome home signs where already made.
So I had to do a quick pick up and hang the signs and we where pretty much ready for for his return.
The sign out front thanks to Buildasign. com which I highly recommend they make the vinyl signs for Military homecomings for free and you only have to pay for shipping which is great!!!

So I figured how many other places would I get a chance to have a snow pile this big enough to spray paint for a Welcome home lol.

There is a great blogger on Facebook for our unit and was there taking pics the night of Davids Welcome Home Ceremony which I am very thankful for since they where able to get some great pics of us as a family.
Oh and there he is and only moments from being in our arms again!!!
Wish this one was bigger it is a great shot of the troops!!

Finally our family is all totherther again!! After the boys got there hugs it was my turn lol.