Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random since David came home

Okay so my wonderful husband came home and by the endof the next day I had this. No really he was tired of me begging for a mommy car. Love my new Tahoe!!!!

As you can see I am not the only one that likes the new SUV lol.

We had a small get together with some of the neighbors which was supposed to be a game nite but turned into a site and chat and shoot the breeze instead still had a great time with our great neighbors. (In this one Kate got a hold of my camera lol)
Just a visual fact that gaming does run in the genes. They where so ingrossed they didn't even notice me take about 4 pics.
Yes David has had this weird blonde growth since he got home we are going to make him a doctors appointment to see if we can get it removed.
Any of you that have actually meet my husband the Good Ole Boy from Alabama should be shocked at this pic of David out not only in the snow, but carrying a snowboard and if you look closely actually smiling and having a good time.
William after coming down the hill, and that snowboarder in the back right corner on their butt is David.
So my two big boys had such a good time snowboarding we have since gone out and spend around $500-$600 to get them both decked our with boards, bindings, boots and helmet for William. Pluse what we had to get for David in snowgear alone since he didn't even have snowpants yet.
So hopefully will have some better pics of snowboarding outtings soon. All I had on this day was my Iphone just didn't do the moments justice.

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  1. Your new 'mommy car' is a sexy beast! ;] I'm so HAPPY you guys are all together again...and that pic of David sleeping, a grown man in the fetal position! LOL...too funny!