Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iditarod 2010

Still so hard for me to believe we have already been here over a year but another sign of that is that it is time for the Iditarod again!!
So we headed downtown to watch the start of the race and found a great spot before the start line to watch the dog sled teams go by.
David took a min. to adjust his head gear and Williams head made for a good spot to hold everything til David was ready for it again lol
Dad, Dad look look the dogs the dogs go by really Dad are you looking do you see them????
Met up with our friends Caitlin, Paul and lil Natalie... I swear Natalie is in there somewhere!!!
So the Iditarod brings dog sled teams from all around the world to Anchorage for this race. This team is from Scoutland and YES they are wearing kelts wow. It was really cold out there I was shocked when I saw this team. There is also a team from Jamacia of all places lol.
The team from Scotland also had there bagpipes band. It was great to see!!
To anybody that thinks this race is abusive to the dogs you should see how excited they are to run. They really love their lives and their jobs. Back before the start line all you hear is the dogs barking and they have handlers to hold them back til they are ready to start the race!!!
We where parked in a car garage which is a great place to get a birds eye view of the race!!
The boys watching a team go by.

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